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4 min readJan 27, 2021

EEnlightenment. Moments when consciousness transcends earthly concerns to encompass universal superconsciousness. Either a brief glimpse during a particularly potent sunset or a permanent exit from the karmic wheel of incarnation.

Many great societies throughout history — the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Renaissance, a myriad of indigenous cultures — prioritized the pursuit of Enlightenment and through it achieved momentous works.

From a practical perspective, walking the path towards Enlightenment and self-actualization promotes ease of mind, a holistic understanding of health, strength of purpose, and unconditional love for all. Of course, the path is not all roses and chocolate, and some searchers find that things get a bit worse before they get better. However, it is essential to accept both the dark and the light and to synthesize them into an integrative syzygy of cognizance — like yin and yang, two sides of the same coin.

Before I discovered the world of the spirit, modern society’s intense focus on material things left me feeling uninspired, unproductive and unloving. As it became more and more clear to me that western culture has reached the apex of its materialism, I was increasingly drawn to the ancient tenets of self-knowledge, community-mindedness & appreciation of the divine (however that manifests to each of us as individuals).

After experiencing my own personal Renaissance through this work I received an inspiration, a vision in complete form, of a way to share everything I’ve learned and all of the healers I’ve worked with.

IIntroducing, Gentle Guide, a community for open-minded seekers to discover tools, uncover resources and connect with healers to empower themselves towards Enlightenment and self-actualization. Gentle Guide shares modalities that have helped seekers throughout the ages to achieve the highest path for themselves. Wherever self-work manifests, there are modalities to open portals to healing, success, love, and Enlightenment.

Preview of the Gentle Guide practitioner directory.

We are calling all healers, lightworkers, witches, warlocks, alchemists, shamans, empaths, diviners, druids, bodyworkers, and the entire kaleidoscopic universe of metaphysical & alternative healers.

We are also calling the seekers, those who have always been curious: just what is a tarot reading? How do I get my chakras balanced? — but didn’t know where to start or who to connect with.

The healing community is diverse. We are excited to celebrate healers of all races, ages, creeds and modalities. We welcome everybody with unconditional love. While we insist on mutual respect for all, we also encourage discourse from divergent viewpoints.

Our goal is holistic healing and in that spirit it must be noted that Gentle Guide isn’t meant to divert patients from their existing medical therapy. We simply feel that many conditions benefit from the simultaneous pursuit of standard and alternative modalities.

A contemporary label for Gentle Guide would be “scrappy start-up.” We wouldn’t be anywhere but for the steadfast belief and late nights of a small but dedicated team working in collaboration with practitioners. While we have humble beginnings we’ve got a far-reaching vision of a global collective of healers working in concert to uplift the economic, social, and cultural lives of communities around the world.

A persistent misconception about the metaphysical and alternative healing world is that it is full of charlatans and scammers. In my life experience, there are charlatans in every profession, from politicians to doctors to lawyers. Gentle Guide’s focus on reviews and ratings enables the community to celebrate talented healers and expose deception.

Gentle Guide is for healers and practitioners that seek to empower the individual. The maxim ‘teach a person to fish’ is at the foundation of our mission. It is up to us to take that first step, to find our teacher, the one who can teach us to fish. For then we can teach our neighbor how to fish.

I don’t personally claim to be a guru, sage, etc, merely a sincere student who cares deeply about my own healing, as well as our collective healing. Through Gentle Guide we are excited to share knowledge and create a platform to amplify the experienced voices of those along the path.

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