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Gentle Guide
Gentle Guide connects you with trusted healers in a wide range of modalities, and carefully researched information, to heal ourselves and the world.

Enlightenment. Moments when consciousness transcends earthly concerns to encompass universal superconsciousness. Either a brief glimpse during a particularly potent sunset or a permanent exit from the karmic wheel of incarnation.

Many great societies throughout history — the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Renaissance, a myriad of indigenous cultures — prioritized the pursuit of Enlightenment and through it achieved momentous works.

From a practical perspective, walking the path towards Enlightenment and self-actualization promotes ease of mind, a holistic understanding of health, strength of purpose, and unconditional love for all. Of course, the path is not all roses and chocolate, and some…

This article is part of a series exploring cross-cultural motifs in world spirituality.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Since time immemorial children have racked their brains over this conundrum, furrowing their brows in consternation as they wrestle to unpack the layers of paradox. In philosophy, the question is referred to as a causality dilemma. It deals with much more than causality, however. It touches upon the question of origins, the possibility of creation, the essential nature of biological life, and much more. Aristotle sidestepped the question by claiming that both chickens and eggs recede back infinitely in…

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.
— B.K.S. Iyengar

Mind. Body. Spirit.

We’ve all heard this grouping of concepts before. It neatly divides the human experience into three largely independent but mutually supporting spheres. We have our bodies: flesh, blood, tissue, sinew: a sublime organic machine animated by chemical and electrical signals originating in the central nervous system, particularly the brain. We have our minds, our interior worlds of thought, interpreting the world around us. Unlike our bodies, our minds are seemingly unchained to the physical world. They can reach backwards across time…

Gentle Guide

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